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Magnetic Label Views:1227 Use: Cycle: Material: Thickness:
     Magnetic labels are often used as accessories for storage racks. They are a type of labels in modern warehouse management. They are also called magnetic labels, magnetic labels, material cards, place cards, and identification cards. They are made of ABS engineering plastics and are magnetic. Adsorption in the document rack, bookshelf, shelves on the material information indicating the location of the material card, the front of the object information is marked on the surface, the back is a thin square block magnet. Commonly used in shopping malls, document rooms, libraries, warehouses and other places.
     Magnetic label advantages:
Magnetic labels can be directly adsorbed on shelves, bookshelves, and document stands, facilitating the visualization of data managed by warehouses, libraries, and libraries, and directly improving the efficiency of management work. Its card surface information can be filled according to the actual needs of users and can be replaced at any time. Because it is based on magnetic surface adsorption, its position can be changed freely and quickly and conveniently.

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