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     Car 4S shop shelves can be designed according to the structural shape of various auto parts shelves, such as tires placed on the tire frame, place the glass frame of the car windshield, exhaust pipe rack placed exhaust pipe, etc., with a strong professional.
     Most automotive 4S shop shelves are in the form of attic shelves. Compared with general loft shelves, the 4S shop shelves are more diverse and more complex in structure.
A small number of automotive 4S shop shelves are in the form of medium-sized shelves, and in most cases they are used when the height of the car's 4S storeroom is limited or shelf design standards are required. The shelf type is the same as the loft style.
     Car 4S shop shelves can also be configured according to the CI logo of each car manufacturers, the surface of the shelf when the corresponding color configuration.
There are two forms of car 4S shop shelves: one for the medium shelf type and one for the attic shelf. The corresponding production process can refer to the exclusive page. We focus on the production process of non-standard shelves. Such as automotive 4S shop shelves include tire racks, glass racks, hangers, shock absorbers.
1. Tire frame and wheel frame: The plates of medium-sized shelves will be taken out and the tires and rims will be directly placed on the beams.
2. Glass shelf: Based on the medium-sized shelf, the glass tube is supported and divided by a diameter of 25 round tube rubber tube in the shelf, and rubber skin is laid on the shelf plate to prevent damage to the glass. Glass shelves are generally made of two layers.
3, hanging frame: generally use two layers of hooks and two layers of board design. Laminates use the standard of medium-sized shelves, and a 25-square-seat main beam is used for hooking. A 20-diameter round pipe is welded on the square pipe as a hook.
4, shock absorber frame: divided into horizontal shock absorbers and vertical shock absorbers. Horizontal shock absorbers are standard medium-sized shelves, vertical shock absorbers are two layers of laminates, two fixed mesh forms, mesh spacing 50*50, 100×100.
5. Most of the 4S shop shelves for automobiles are variants of medium-sized shelves.

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